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We are proud to be in the heart of Rochford and have been for the last 18 years.

Our ethos has remained the same; to provide you with the best quality in products, deliver the perfect service and to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

We offer a wide range of bespoke services and products to suit every client, from eco-friendly, vegan products to technical colour conversions.


Education is on the forefront of 25Hair's ethos, education and knowledge keep our team up-to-date with all the up and coming trends, paired with superior product knowledge to execute these looks for you.

We host monthly meetings in which the whole team get together and refresh our knowledge. We also have technical educators come into the salon and educate the team within our meetings.

Our training is global too. We have colour education at academy in Italy twice a year which team members attend.

There are other training events all over Europe and the UK throughout the year; annually our product company Eufora host educational events in San Diego which team members have the opportunity to attend.


Our number one rule is to be respectful; we use and translate this in many ways.

We must be respectful to everyone in our salon.


We must of course respect the hair too; we of course want you to have beautiful hair but sometimes, to keep it beautiful, we have to respect what the hair can do.

We must respect our planet. This is why we use eco-friendly sustainable products, our colour company are at the forefront of this and offer a completely vegan hair colour.

Yes, beautiful vegan colour which will cover greys, give you vibrant colour and not harm anything in the production.

We also try our best to recycle as much of our waste a possible, we pack our waste into specific boxes and have them collected and recycled.

We are continually looking into different ways we can recycle and reduce our salon's impact on the environment.

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We want to be as open minded and creative as possible.

Not sure on the new look you want, or you fancy a small change? Ask your stylist they will be more then happy to help show you some new trends that will suit you.

Don’t be afraid to ask any hair question to our team, we feel that a question is just information you do not yet know, remember knowledge is power!

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