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Colour Safety Policy 

What's Changed?

Since we've been in lockdown within the world of close contact services skin testing protocol has changed, there has been investigations and research on how we react to colour, why we react and how can we prevent a reaction. Colour Start who we  previously used for our at home skin test patches we would give to you for free for you to apply before your colour. These patches have been updated and evolved to a medically licensed test and is classed as a medication. Colour start have created a colour passport which gives you the client the option to colour your hair the same day and potentially only needing to do this skin test once and never again.

The New System



With our current skin test system, we use in the salon Colour Start home patches and our policy is to skin test before every Colour every time on every client. Colour start have been working with the Medical Health Regulatory Authorities (MHRA) which helped approve the new covid-19 vaccines, they have created a new skin testing system that has been medically approved, they have also been researching what causes reaction to Hair Colour and we can indicate this early to avoid life threatening reactions.

What Colour Start and MHRA have found out that over exposure to hair colour can increase your chances of a reaction to hair colour. Previously we have skin tested before every colour and with this new research they have found that this amount of testing could add up over time can actually contribute to over exposure.

Colour Start have also narrowed down that some medicines and hormonal changes can create sensitivity and reactions to hair colour.

With the new system you will have a colour passport which is free to create online, securely stored, accessible by you and only seen by companies and people you approve, to create this passport head to to register today.


Step 1: Create a free colour start passport on


Purchase a Colour Start skin test from and apply as instructed


Once you’ve completed this process you will receive 1 of these 3 results


Passport Complete 


Follow the setting up protocol on the website and complete the 6-question screening questionnaire.


After 48 hours remove skin test and leave for 30 mins then log onto your colour passport and log your results.


Green tick: We can go ahead and colour this is valid for 120 days (no need to skin test again only completes the 6 screening Questions).

Orange tick: There is an alert which we will have to investigate a potentially carry out an in-salon test and screening Questions.

Red tick: You cannot use colour start and maybe at risk of a hair colour reaction, consult your hair professional.

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 11.26.48.png

Passport complete

Now you have a complete passport and providing you have a green tick we can colour your hair the same day. On your next visit, you will need to log onto your passport online and complete the screening questionnaire. If nothing has changed, you will receive a green tick and we can colour. If you need to re-test or the results from your screening questionnaire indicate some issues, you will receive an orange or red tick and will need to contact us.

Why is there a charge for this test?

As this new colour test is a registered medically approved test and classed as a medicine, by law we cannot give this away, we must charge.


The RRP for the skin test is £15

As our early adaptor and as a thank you, we will off you redemption method for your cost of skin test.

We will upgrade your next 2 colour appointments with a choice of hair treatments (RRP £20).

We will offer you a menu for you to choose which treatment you would like when you Visit the salon.


What if I don’t want to sign up?

You can choose to opt out of the colour passport.

You will have to abide by our in-salon AAT (Allergy Alert Test) skin test policy and visit the salon every 6 months for a skin test and screening questions.

This service is free but must be kept UpToDate, these AAT in-salon tests will take approximately 5-10 mins we will mix your colour and apply a small amount  of hair colour to the crease your arm or behind your ear these appointments can be booked in advanced.

following the government guidelines, we are not allowed to provide any services prior to the 12th April including skin tests. (the colour passport is completed at home so is not included)


Please bear in mind if you would like to change your colour or we are switching brands we will need to re skin test you for every change.

Why can’t we use the old home skin tests?

The old skin tests we used to give out are no longer for sale or in production.

If you have test at home these will be out of date therefore we cannot use them.


Returning to the salon

When we are booking your appointment for our return, we ask that you have completed one of these two tests prior to your appointments.  

If you would like to be an early adaptor of our new skin test system.


Our duty of care to you our customer is at the forefront of every decision we make, we are very excited for this new system and feel it will be the perfect opportunity for same day colouring and customer safety. Any questions Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we cannot wait to see you all again soon when it is safe to do so.

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