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Cleanse and Cut

From £30 to £56.50

Cut and Finish

From £35 to £68

 Haircut and Finish + Thick hair

Lots of super thick hair or want that extra pamper time? This is the service for you.

From £40 to £77


From £25.50 to £40

Long Hair Curly Blow-Outs

From £33 to £48

Cleanse and Set

From £22 to £36

Gentleman Cut and Finish

From £23 to £38.50

5-9 Year Old Cut and Finish

From £21 to £36

5-9 Year Old Cleanse and Cut 

From £16 to £30

10-16 Year Old Cut and Finish

From £26 to £45

10-16 Year Old Cleanse and Cut

From £23 to £38

Up to 2 cm of new hair re-growth

From £30 to £42

Full Head Colour
Solid colour from root to tip.

From £44 to £72

Technical colour work 

From £82 to £130

Woven Half Head
Natural soft weaving technique to blend tones and lightness. 

From £53 to £76

Woven Full Head
Natural soft weaving technique all through the hair

From £70 to £119

Usually applied after a colour service to neutralise or enhance a tone

From £31.50 to £41

Mc2 Vegan Eco Colour

From £35 to £77

Rebonder treatment to revive hair


From £25

Pre-Pigmentation / Re-Colouration
to add pigment usually before darkening down a hair colour

From £10 to £16

Bleach Cleanse
Gentle lightening service 

From £10 to £18

Colour Pigment Remover,
Direct Dye Remover or
Crystal Gel

From £22

Deox: to prevent creeping oxidisation



Malibu C Crystal Gel


Crystal gel is a treatment designed to remove mineral build up in the hair, by removing the hard minerals which makes the hair heavy, dull and lifeless. After the treatment, your hair can absorb colour more evenly, and is more lustrous and visibly has more shine.

Malibu Make Over


Malibu makeover is a two-step wellness service that transforms the tone texture vibrancy and the strength of the hair. Part one is the Crystal Gel treatment and part to is the Malibu miracle treatment.

Eufora Elixir


As well as shielding and protecting your hair against chemical treatment, Elixir will nourish, protect and strengthen your hair from the inside out. As a result, your hair will look shinier, softer and have improved elasticity which will minimise breakage and split ends. this is am must for all big colour conversions

You can upgrade your colour with Elixir or have a stand-alone treatment.

Cosmetic Conditioning


Cosmetic conditioning colours are temporary pigments that last 2-3 washes. They also have conditioning and shine benefits that will last 4-6 washes these are also available as a take home experience.




Best suited for medium to thick hair 

Treat your hair to a 5-minute reviving hair mask. This high performance, rich, creamy deep conditioner will hydrate and condition while dramatically improving your hairs texture, elasticity, shine and manageability

Hydration Light


Best suited for fine, dry hair

Revive lifeless hair with this creamy, rich, light weight mask. This deep conditioning treatment is rich in argan oil and nourishing ingredients will dramatically improve your hairs texture, shine, and manageability.



Best suited for weakened and damaged hair 

For damaged hair that is in need of instant repair. Restorative hair mask 5-7 minutes revitalises the hair structure and infuses protein back into the hair. This high-performance mask that is high in argan oil, shea butter and reparative proteins that restore hair elasticity and rebuild the hair strength from the inside out. 



For all hair types 

This treatment is highly concentrated in argan butter to smooth and tame hair for silky, frizz free results. Moroccanoil smoothing treatment is infused with argan butter, argan oil and coconut derived fatty acids to deeply hydrate and nourish leaving your hair smoother, softer and more manageable with improved elasticity. 

LGBTQ+ Friendly 

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